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( aka .. @owocki )

Summoner of Bots (All the things)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature
The Community

Favorite Food
Avocado Toast

@ethereumJoseph )

Harbringer of Decentralization (Consensys)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature

( aka .. @PixelantDesign )

Pixel Mage (User Experience Design)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature

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Apple Cider Doughnuts

( aka .. @vs77bb )

Campfire StoryTeller (Community Buidl-er)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature
Gitcoin Requests

Favorite Food
Tangerine Gelato

( aka .. @thelostone-mc )

Block Welder (Engineering)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature
The Community

Favorite Food
Cocktail Samosa

( aka .. @ceresstation )

Phase Shifter (Biz Dev)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature
Issue Explorer

Favorite Food
Teriyaki Chicken

( aka .. @octavioamu )

Bugs Breeder (Front End Dev)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature
The Community

Favorite Food
Homemade italian pasta

( aka .. @frankchen07 )

Hashed Scout (Data & Product)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature

Favorite Food
Crispy pork belly

( aka .. @danlipert )

Blockchain Artificer (Engineering)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature
EIP 1337

Favorite Food
Tantan Ramen

( aka .. @connoroday )

Druid of The Chain (DevRel)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature
the lols

Favorite Food
Robertas Pizza

( @gitcoinbot )

Loveable Companion (beep boop bop)

Favorite Gitcoin Feature
everything that's automated

Favorite Food


Working on something important.

With People Like You..

At a Market Rate Salary

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The Problem is

Incentive alignment in Open Source Software.

Open Source Software Developers

- Create a lot of economic value.

- Are not properly incentivized.

OSS Maintainer

Problem: Finding Funding

OSS Contributor

Problem: Finding Funding

Job Hunter

Problem: Finding Funding


Problem: Finding Funding


Problem: Finding Funding

Data Scientist

Problem: Finding Funding

What is Gitcoin?

A Mission to Grow Open Source.

A community for developers to collaborate and monetize their skills while working on Open Source projects through bounties.

Our Mission

No ICO. No Token. No Funny Business.

Gitcoin is a decentralized application built on Ethereum’s blockchain. Gitcoin does not have a native token.

Not a token

The Origin Story

Who, what, when, where, and most importantly, why.

Built with <3 in Boulder Colorado USA

Gitcoin was borne of the community in Boulder Colorado's thriving tech scene. One of the most amazing things about the Boulder community is the #givefirst mantra. The founding team has built their careers off of advice, mentorship, and relationships in the local tech community.

Mission: Grow Open Source

Gitcoin is a project that combines the #givefirst mantra of the Boulder community with capitalistic incentives to write great software. By enabling Repo Maintainers, developers, and financiers to find one another, Gitcoin grows open source software. Read about the Mission.

Cryptocurrencies provide new p2p job opportunities

Gitcoin is built upon the Ethereum network, and the solidity smart contract programming language. Ethereum provides opportunities to align incentives across actors in the ecosystem. By programming rights of stakeholders directly into smart contracts, actors are incentivized to provide value, and edge cases are handled _without_ having to involve legacy legal enforcement mechanisms. Read about our p2p coding jobs network.

Goal: To grow the community

The founder of Gitcoin, Kevin Owocki has experience as an organizer of Boulder Startup Week, Ignite Boulder, StartupCTO.io, Boulder Blockchain Meetup and the open source projects pytrader, adblock-to-bitcoin, YouveGotETH, & ColoradoCoin. The stronger the community is, the more successful open source projects are. The stronger open source projects are, the stronger the community is. Read our roadmap to open source financial freedom.


Gitcoin's Top Community Members


39 community members have 'graduated' into full time work in the space (that we know of!)
These are the ones who have opted to be public about it






Gitcoin Core





Features of Gitcoin

Fund Issues
Fund a feature, bug, or security issue that you care about, & get results.
Tip Developers
Reward contributors who have added value to your repository with a tip.
Find Work
Find interesting projects to work on, interesting people to work with. Try projects before you fully commit to them. Add value wherever you go.
Integrates with Github
The best thing about Gitcoin is that it works where you do your work; on Github.


Everything we do is to support our mission to 'Grow Open Source'