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Aaron Anderson @andersonmmi
> Crypto Inheritance by Endowl : Hi Gitcoiners! We want to thank you all for your generous donations. With your help, we have made a lot of progress towards making Endowl a reality! We have created a proof of concept application that allows a user to easily record their assets and produce a recovery document that an heir or executor can use to recover funds for people named in their will. Of course, our highest priority is to ensure that any data managed through the Endowl app is safe, secure, and private. After we're confident that our security is iron-clad, we (the founders) will be the first beta testers and, after that, we will proceed through beta testing and UX development to open release. In the meantime, you can request a product demonstration through info@endowl.com or you can purchase equity tokens in Endowl at invest.endowl.com. Sincerely, Team Endowl
3 months, 4 weeks ago