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Via.Eth @viaeth
> Via.Eth (Code, Content, Community) : The second project update will be disappointing to read for some people . I FOUND A JOB!!! Unfortunately I need food and shelter to survive, so I’ve taken a 9-5 web-dev job. Development of Pay.Via.Eth and any other projects under the ViaEth banner while slowed down ARE NOT CANCELED OR STOPPED IN ANY WAY. There are only so many hours in a day and I will have to devote some of them to life. Progress: I am still checking everything in the git repo and working my way through the list of item included in the reply from the wordpress.org plugin directory. There are also some website related things I need to take care of as well as prepare for the next GitCoin round. Hopefully my timeline isn’t too far off. I’ll need to take a moment to update it. If you have experience with wordpress plugins or php code check out PayViaEth and submit a pull request!!
3 months, 3 weeks ago