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Hello everyone! I am excited to join this new Grants Round, especially considering the amazing experience from the previous ones. Also, this is going to be my first time joining in and wishing to contribute with a project. In fact, to make thing clear, I decided to offer a little introduction before creating a grant for it. Outline ======= The project is going to focus on allowing a company or individual to create avatars for their customers that are going to serve as verifiable and unique methods of checking preferences, qualities and learned skills. These avatars are going to be dynamic NFTs ( dNFT) ) and the technology stack is going to involve using: * Ethereum and Hardhat for deploying the smart contracts * Chainlink for the VRF function and allowing to connect to other possible real world data feeds * Polygon ( work in progress ) for scaling and significantly reducing cost The end goal is to give them a structure and purpose akin to Aavegotchis. Looking forward to creating this project!
3Β months ago