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Diego Losada @diglos
> Ethereum on ARM : Hi, everyone. Diego from Ethereum on ARM here. First of all, let me thank you all for your past contributions to our project, it was really helpful for completing our milestones. Let me give you a quick update of our current work and the short term project goals so you may consider supporting us again in this Gitcoin Grants round: - We are starting to work with the EF Eth2 team to test different clients on resource constrained devices. - We are testing some disks from different manufacturers and usb chipsets. - Documentation portal: We will add a developer section so anyone can build its own image - We are in contact with the Rocket Pool team in order to have a compatible image as soon as they public a beta release. - RISC V: We applied to the RISC-V Developer Boards plan and we will give it a try as soon as some capable board is available You can see more details in our Grant Description. Thank you for your support, all this wouldn't be possible without your help. Regards!
3Β months ago