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Clairvoyant Alliance @clairvoyantalliance
> CLAIRVOYANT ALLIANCE ART UNIVERSITY - NFT DAO COMMUNITY ARTHΞRΞUM THE REAL ΞTHΞRΞALARTMUSΞUM : HERE IS OUR FUTURE ROAD MAP JULY 1st - Opensea Collectible Series. 3D object NFTs for use in our future metaverse experience. AUGUST 2021 - Physical 3D Art products will be available summer of 2021. SEPTEMBER 2021 - We 3.0 wallet integration system for checkout using Metamask. Our final step towards Decentralization... ! JANUARY 7th 2022 - Clairvoyant Alliance Metaverse announcement. Full access to our immersive virtual art experience. MARCH 2022 - Future plans to announce an ERC-20 Token & LP Token offering for our decentralized application. Offering a long term incentive to our early investors within our network.
3 months ago