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Walid Mujahid وليد مجاهد @walidmujahid
I will be going live in about 5 or 10 minutes. I decided to just post a new video call instead of using a previous post. The idea is the same as mentioned before: I will working on public issues and features for Gitcoin, so I will stream my desktop as I work. The focal issues are also the same as the other day as detailed here: https://gitcoin.co/townsquare?tab=activity:181945

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10 months, 1 week ago

@walidmujahid's post on Gitcoin (+ 4 comments)

• Walid Mujahid وليد مجاهد@walidmujahid $34.47 | +$17.65 I think I shall start to get into the habit of simply livstreaming my desktop as I work. Feel free to come and ask questions or if you just wa… https://gitcoin.co/townsquare?tab=activity:181945