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Some hackathon ideas and products I would like to see to push web3: - more low-code projects for web3. Eth.build is a great start but I would like to see a tools similar to Scratch with blocks you can drag around and drop in web3 calls to. - A tool for funding paper wallets at scale. Share physical paper wallets and funding some n-wallets quickly (Medium) The best way to onboard new people is to give them money. Physical pieces of paper with QR codes has in the best been a great way to do that quickly, but generating lots of addresses (securely), funding all the accounts, and doing this at scale is a challenge. - I like the https://www.dapphero.io/ model of having web3 tags directly in html a lot but I would like a similar product but with a jquery library to make web3 things more... object-y
10Β months ago


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