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unitimeshq @unitimeshq
What's coming up in Ethereum 2020? Are you wondering what @VitalikButerin's roadmap of Ethereum means and what's expected this year? https://ethos.dev/ethereum-2020-roadmap A Chinese translation here《以太坊2020: 路线图和展望》https://www.unitimes.pro/p/4773f75e31d34033860e0399810ccc41
10 months ago

Ethereum 2020: A Roadmap and Outlook | ethos.dev

Ethereum 2020 expects the launch of the Beacon Chain. What else is on the roadmap for 2020? EIP 2537 BLS12-381 precompile, EIP 1559 & account abstraction. https://ethos.dev/ethereum-2020-roadmap/