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Richard Moore @ricmoo
> ethers.js - Complete, Simple and Tiny : Ahoy! GitCoin Grants Round 10 is now in full swing and I just wanted to send out a quick “Thank You”! There are already 1.9k contributors and it’s only a week in. You are all amazing! I also wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see the latest “Highlights Article”, to see where your continued support is going. Any feedback is always welcome. https://blog.ricmoo.com/highlights-ethers-js-may-2021-2826e858277d I absolutely appreciate your contributions, but wanted to remind everyone that there are a lot of worthwhile projects, and every donation is a warm-fuzzy reminder to each project that someone out there cares. GitCoin a great way to amplify your spare crypto-change and help out projects you believe in. Thanks for everything. The community really is quite unbelievable. RicMoo P.S. while gas prices may have (mostly) returned to normal, the zkSync checkout is an awe-inspiring way to experience the future of what L2 holds in store, with instant and nearly-free transactions
3 months ago

Highlights ethers.js: May 2021

Updates on some new features to ethers, such as Custom Contract Errors and Replaced Transaction Course-Correction. https://blog.ricmoo.com/highlights-ethers-js-may-2021-2826e858277d