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Lefteris Karapetsas @lefterisjp
Hey all! You need a tool to do portfolio tracking and accounting for crypto that does not store your data in some third party server? Check out Rotki: https://rotki.com/ and https://github.com/rotki/rotki/, the portfolio tracker that protects your privacy! We are opensource and in need of contributors. We have a lot of issues that could use some help. Our easy issues are labeled with the good-first-issue label: https://github.com/rotki/rotki/labels/good%20first%20issue so that's probably the place to start. You can pick one and start hacking. We are here to support you in your opensource journey! For questions just join our discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/aGCxHG7) or telegram (https://t.me/rotkichat) channels. Or check our twitter out: https://twitter.com/rotkiapp We also have a gitcoin grant to support our development. All contributions are welcome: https://gitcoin.co/grants/149/rotki. Especially now during the CLR matching round every $ counts.
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Rotki is an open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects your privacy. https://rotki.com/