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jzstern @jzstern
> Loft Radio : Massive thank you for supporting this project and the artists involved! Your contributions are helping shape a new kind of music platform that empowers creators and values bold experiences and experimentation. See our grant description for what we've done since the last round of CLR matching. Here's what we have planned * - Displaying tips in real time to the room - Multiple streaming links per artist - Additional radio stations - One-click tips (no TX signing) - Collaborations / tip splitting / revenue sharing - Audius protocol integration - Personal, customizable stations - Rewarding curators for good taste through tip splitting - Personal NFT backgrounds - Unlockable audio FX * In the spirit of experimentation this list is constantly changing and nothing is set in stone Don't hesitate to email us with feedback or just to say hello! You can keep up with us on Twitter or join the discussion on Discord as well. Thanks again for your support and happy listening 🎧
10Β months ago