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BruceTheGoose @xbrucethegoose
> NFThub [Panvala League] : Hey there frens~ We just wanted to say thanks, again, and inform everyone who'd contributed to our grant that we just published a significant update to the primary platform, which fixed the directory feature so that anyone is now able to list their NFT or NFT-related project/platform/resource/etc. pretty much instantly, and in a completely free and permisionless manner! We'll be steadily adding projects of interest that we've been bookmarking over the past several months (I personally am likely to have several hundred) and tweaking the feature based on community feedback. If you weren't previously aware, our DAO is also live, at gov.nfthub.com; we've also recently partnered with Polycat, the #1 dapp on Polygon, to offer $gNFT to people who stake $FISH. A lot more is coming down the pipeline as well, so we'd be grateful for any feedback or suggestions you might have and if you join us in discord at discord.haus/nfthub. https://twitter.com/NFThub/status/1409631733549473805
2 months, 3 weeks ago