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Shayan Eskandari @shayanb
> Ethereum for Farsi speaking population : For a references here’s a breakdown of our past seasons: - Season 1 (2017) - Comprehensive Blockchain Intros and a wide range of related topics - Season 2 (2018) - Bitcoin Forks and social pathology in developing countries - Season 3 (2019) - devcon V, Covidoconomy, Segwit and lightning, very very exciting. - Season 4 (2020) - DeFi, from AMM concepts to yield farming and governance Understanding the roadmap of the infrastructure and new concepts in the Ethereum environment could give the developers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their ideas real and create new concepts using the existing protocols and applications. Our goal for Season 5, is to produce a podcast series to present the basics of the upgrades in Ethereum blockchain (EIP process), future roadmap of Ethereum. Also discussing tools and shed light on the untouched opportunities that can help the builders to devise a plan to create new tools and concepts on top of Ethereum blockchain.
2 months, 2 weeks ago