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Mitrasish Mukherjee @rekpero
> ArGo Protocol : Hey everyone, we ArGo team thank you for your contributions! Thanks to people like you we can build the best decentralized & simplified deployment tools for developers and easy onboarding of new users to web 3.0 space.๐Ÿ˜‡ We are happy to introduce our Beta Testnet V2 Release. We successfully brought lots of new features like stablecoin (DAI) integration, default argo subdomain for projects, organization wallet, and some bug fixes and stability of the system. Whatโ€™s coming next? we are working on adding more features as well as introducing new integrations with some leading dWeb protocols like Namebase, Handshake, Skynet, etc. We would love to know youโ€™re feedback or questions regarding the V2 release. If you have any idea that you think could be a great use case for ArGo, we would love to hear it out. Please join our discord channel, if you haven't yet, love to hear from you: https://discord.com/invite/ahxuCtm
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