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Graven Prest @gravenp
> Geo Web : Gitcoin and the wider Web 3.0/blockchain communities are just the coolest. Thank you for your incredible generosity! It is inspiring to have over 3,000 people choose to support our open-source work on the Geo Web in GR10. We’re really excited about the recent releases of the testnet Geo Web Cadastre & mobile Spatial Browser, and there’s a lot more in the pipeline. Make sure to join our Discord community (https://discord.com/invite/reXgPru7ck) to stay in the loop on announcements, new features, and our mainnet fair launch. OBLIGATORY CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS: We allocate the vast majority of Gitcoin contributions toward community SourceCred distributions. If you’re a builder, creator, designer, educator, community builder, or anyone else who shares our vision for a public good AR metaverse, we’d love to get you involved with the Geo Web. There’s a lot of opportunity within the AR metaverse, and we want to make it accessible to any and all. So don’t be shy! Thank you all! Graven
2 months, 2 weeks ago

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