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mattnumber @mattnumber
> DeFi Pulse Registry : Hello - Thanks so much to each of you for supporting DeFi Pulse Registry and for helping keep DeFi safe! As we see it, the DeFi Pulse Registry needs to reflect the values of the community as a whole, so we've been hoping to pique the interest of people from all walks of Ethereum life. And we couldn't be more thrilled with the community's response: Going through our list of contributors, we see project founders and team members, developers, investors, content creators, students, teachers, researchers, community members, and more. We're super honored + encouraged by the support from such a diverse bunch. We're really excited about building the DeFi Pulse Registry and working with the community to keep DeFi safe. Stay tuned for more details! And if you wanna get in touch now, please feel free to respond here or come join our Discord and say hi (our = Concourse Open Community): https://discord.gg/y7qSf4A
9 months, 1 week ago