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Thomas Pulber @pimato
> Mix.eth - A portfolio tracker with privacy and security as its core owned by the Dxdao : Gaining reputation: First: In order to obtain your reputation you need an Ethereum address. The reputation you will receive is non-transferable. Therefore we recommend to use a gnosis safe as the reputation will be owned by a smart-contract wallet. You can always change the ownership of the smart-contract wallet and with that your reputation. Furthermore a Gnosis Safe Wallet is more secure e. g. because of a 2-Factor-Authorization and it’s features could be extended in future. A mobile version (IOS, Android), a browser app (https://gnosis-safe.io/) and a chrome browser extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gnosis-safe-smart-wallet/iecodoenhaghdlpodmhooppdhjhmibde) are available.
9 months ago