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#midhack Hey everyone, My name is Anish and this past week I’ve been building Weve—a Weavemail client implementation for sending mail on the Arweave permaweb. It’s a major upgrade of the existing Weavemail app, improving functionality, UI/UX, and onboarding. I’ve listed a few things I'll discuss on todays call, here: Project Progress 1. I conducted user research through discord and via friends and found the UI/UX to be the biggest pain-point. In general, users expected more conventional Web 2.0 email UI/UX. 2. The code is completed, with documentation and functional comments. I’ll be sharing this on todays stream. 3. All basic weavemail functionality is integrated, but also, a ton of new features: New Features 1. Robust landing page featuring protocol specifics and on-boarding for non-crypto users. 2. sessionStorage-logged keyfile for session persistance. 3. Re-built email UI/UX; fully mobile-responsive. 4. Draft functionality to save messages to send later. 5. Markdown functionality to send mail with text formatting, links, and images. 6. + much more (toast notifications, error handling, mail chaining, downloading mail, etc.) Excited to see you all on todays call!
6 months, 3 weeks ago