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πŸŽ‰ What’s good Hackers?! πŸŽ‰ This is a friendly reminder that we are UNDER 48 HOURS until submissions are due! Be sure to successfully submit your Clarity smart contract through Gitcoin by tomorrow, May 29th at 11:45pm EST. Pro tip: Give yourself some extra time to submit, as some hackers have experienced issues with the Ethereum network being a bit clogged as of late. The submissions are flooding in, and we have seen some powerful smart contracts come out of the hackathon already. The judges are crazy excited to sit down and sink their teeth into these projects. Don’t forget! We have a short break, then we dive right into Phase 2 of the hackathon on June 3rd. While the first phase focused on solely smart contracts, Phase 2 is breaking the race wide open and will be devoted to developer tooling! We’re really looking forward to building upon the success of phase 1, and even using some of the smart contracts produced to build out useful tools! Keep your eyes peeled for those new Github issue prize listings... Here if anyone needs some last minute guidance or support.
5Β months, 4Β weeks ago