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skynethubio @skynethubio
Thanks for the opportunity to present my Hackathon entry. working on three projects 1. "SkySpaces" - User owned digital Spaces to store and manage digital assets (skylinks). Content storage powered by Sia Skynet. IndexData is backed up against HNS name. https://github.com/skynethubio/SkySpaces 2. "SkyApps" - Goal is to make "Skynet AppStore" completely decentralized by storing app metadata(json) on skynet and associating generated skyline with HNS name. Example: skyline.skapp, skyline.skapp https://github.com/skynethubio/SkyAppStore 3. "skyhub-js" nom package- Goal here is to build javascript npm package that will upload, download data in Skynet and associate Skylink with HNS name. more details @ https://github.com/skynethubio/skyhub-js
3 months, 2 weeks ago


Secure, Private and User owned digital Spaces for your data - skynethubio/SkySpaces https://github.com/skynethubio/SkySpaces