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Welcome to @jaimekinsley, @webpolis, @moench, @almightykerk, @manifeststefany, @flowerpatchramzi, @denifednu, @qazbnm456, @chrisamccoy, @westchestermbcrypto, @morganrmarie, @alpha8888, @sidharth747, @zelezo, @yonseiblockchainlab, @gachihenchi, @nipol, @realroyzou, @mindgravy, @lafudoci, @provswin, @gaokeji52, @magicturtle12, @atiaw, @ailin546, @joshuaze, @albertgh, @thealchemist310, @jianxinss, @maelea - Whats on everyones mind? Why'd you join gitcoin? Got any questions? Lets perhaps get them started with a few tips / kudos? πŸ’Ž
1Β year, 2Β months ago