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Nick Sawinyh @sneg55
> : Hey, Another round of Gitcoin Grants has arrived! πŸ”₯ Here is an update on our state, since last round: - we started a youtube channel πŸ“Ί - we created a community forum and yield-farming knowledge base πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ - we posted about 2000 tweets and got about 6M impressions at @defiprime twitter 🀟 - as usual, we had been creating interviews, in-depth explainers, and weekly bite-sized recaps about DeFi space πŸ“¬ - which got us about 170k users and 500k pageviews on our website πŸ“ˆ Thanks for your ongoing support!
1Β year, 2Β months ago