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liquidityvision @liquidityvision
> Liquidity Vision : Hi Everyone, We're excited to announce the launch of Liquidity Vision! We provide an all-in-one dashboard so you can manage your DeFi liquidity positions in one simple and easy to use dashboard! The project was started to solve a simple problem: What the heck is the impermanent loss (or gain hopefully) of our Liquidity Pool positions! This problem especially became frustrating when entering into farming contracts as we had no easy way to track the IL of our pools relative to the yield of our farm. Liquidity Vision solves this problem! We currently have full support for Uniswap V2 Liquidity Pools and with this grant money can get hard to work adding key features: - Balancer - SushiSwap - BNC - Other AMMs - Historical LP Data - ACCURATE Impermanent Loss Calculator - Farming Rewards Data - and more... The grant money will be used to support server/hosting costs and allow us to have a stipend to support us while we spend our time building this to be the best tool! Thank you!! - LV
1Β year, 2Β months ago