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Welcome to @thirduncle, @gavilan2020, @laki016, @santiagoyie, @andrew-pohl, @mwaser, @stefanyforti, @wiselifelab, @chainsofblocks, @brandhaug, @stephanfa, @triplea-hub, @lothar100, @daltonfury42, @adrien-supizet, @kaimorton, @fabianriewe, @deucemoto, @notproniss, @luisfuentech, @robinbuerkli, @milesemezie, @alex02889, @cdilas3481, @shiftf8 - How is your Sat!?! Cartesi DApp Incubation Program 🐧 - <p> Cartesi allows developers (like you) to use Linux <br>and modern software stacks to build powerful DApps. </p> <p> <a href="">Cartesi DApp Incubation Program</a> will distribute $80k+ in prizes <br>to the best 3 DApps using Cartesi’s Descartes SDK </p> <p> Submit your <a href="">application</a> before <strong>October 12, 2020<br></strong><a href="">Apply Now</a> <br> πŸ‘† </p>
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