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Do Trung Kien @dotrungkien
> @rebasedtoken : https://gitcoin.co/issue/RebasedToken/Bounties/3/100024064 it was a joke when i come as the first one apply for this issue, and give the solution here https://github.com/RebasedToken/Bounties/issues/3 but the last applied one was accepted and received bounty without any solution 🀣
2Β months, 1Β week ago

Fix past votes not being listed on snapshot.page | RebasedToken Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin

The "Proposals" page on the [Rebased v2 page on snapshot](https://snapshot.page/#/reb2) does not list most proposals. In fact only one proposal is shown. To complete this bounty, figure out what the … https://gitcoin.co/issue/RebasedToken/Bounties/3/100024064