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> I Want My NFT | The Documentary : Hey everyone! It's been a challenging time, as it probably has been for many of you, but we're continuing to plug away on the film and haven't had a chance to update everyone here yet on what's been going on. So here we go! - Updated Whitepaper aka Film Paper is up - https://beta.cent.co/IWantMyNFT/+uirbj4 - New post about our Access Pass (might be a few changes coming) - https://beta.cent.co/IWantMyNFT/+efevbx - Access Pass NFT Launch Party is set for 13th May (more coming soon) - New Promo Trailer premiering at the party on the 13th May We've got some more updates coming very soon. We appreciate all your support for the project and are looking forward to showing you where we are!
4 months, 1 week ago