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59 minutes ago
Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru @manualzuru
> FightPandemics⚛️ : Hola all👋🏽. Sorry for not posting updates since this initiative started. We have been growing significantly, we are now a community of +1300 individuals that have supported somehow our initiative. You were the first and only monetary supporters that we have had and we want to thank you for that, we are still in our mission of creating FightPandemics, an open-source altruistic platform that connects individuals and organizations that need help with those that can provide it at the local and global level. Here we will be having our next Gitcoin Grants as I can't seem to be able to modify the wallet . We are going to be creating NFTs for all our supporters and contributors in the upcoming months. If you want to help us with our progressive decentralization plan, please reach out to @ManuAlzuru in any social media. Thank you again for being part of this family!
an hour ago