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Dread Knight @dreadknight
> @debase-v87 : Heya! I need to increase my hype and fund raising skills 🐻 I'm making a free open source eSport game and I could sure use your help a little bit https://gitcoin.co/grants/916/ancient-beast 🐺
a minute ago

💰 Ancient Beast | Grants

Support my eSport game project, AncientBeast.com turn based strategy free open source browser based 1vs1 or 2vs2 You materialize and control a carefully selected squad of creatures to defeat others… https://gitcoin.co/grants/916/ancient-beast

AAVE + Gitcoin - Grants Round 10 - Award #3 #157

3000.00 USDC

3000.00 USD

AAVE + Gitcoin - Grants Round 10 - Award #2 #157

5000.00 ETH

11013469.63 USD

AAVE + Gitcoin - Grants Round 10 - Award #1

7000.00 USDC

7000.00 USD

travenesia @travenesia
> The Crypto Traveler : My first 3D art on Rarible. "Ethereum Golden Coin" https://rarible.com/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:614646?tab=owners
8 minutes ago
Ovie Okeh @65black
Hi everyone. This is my first time participating in one of these hackathons (also new to DApps in general). I want to introduce myself and see if anyone has any tips on how to be successful in these hackathons. My name is Ovie and I'm a frontend developer. Recently started learning Solidity and decided to take a crack at one of these prizes as building is the best way to learn (for me anyway). Please say hi.
55 minutes ago
Stateful Works @statefulworks
> Beacon Book : we just updated the grant description! thanks everyone who has contributed so far 🙏
an hour ago