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Mitchell P. Krawiec-Thayer, Ph.D. @mitchellpkt
> Zcash Observatory NetSec dashboard, API, and research database : As noted in the proposal "If we cannot raise this amount within the next few months, the funds will be donated to GitCoin or used to support other Zcash development efforts." To this end, the 5.84330 ZEC received from GitCoin have been donated to zs1nhawkewaslscuey9qhnv9e4wpx77sp73kfu0l8wh9vhna7puazvfnutyq5ymg830hn5u2dmr0sf in transaction 6fa1f46eaff9300d27dc8a4be7a64fee5fa46d57fd6aa74b2a343252592b28f7 to support open-source Zcash wallet development (Nighthawk)
5 months, 2 weeks ago