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Vinicius Braz Rocha @glocalvr
> Where the web3 rubber meets the road : HEY, HEY, HEY last day of this also thrilling last gitcoin´s matchfunding round of 2021 😍 we´re very excited in sharing that despite the amount of crypto resources so far that you folks historically shared, this GR in particular was to really start generating an P2P REGEN WEB3 FOOTPRINT having, besides SENSORICA´S green-fo-good opensource project from Canada, taoDAO`s regen decentralized content production and NJOMBE INNOVATION ACADEMY social wealth P2P frameworks from Tanzania as part of the effort to undestand that web3 is not only about DAPPs, NFT, DEFI ..... but REFI and the co-creation of trustworthy borderless environments that borderless environments that enables the creation of DAOs where the trustless blockchain dynamics is only one " smart contract " piece of an culturally driven DAO where the A stands for AUTONOMY not for AUTONOMOUS ! GOT CURIOUS ? gitcoin.co/grants/explorer?collection_id=18699
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