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kevinkredeum @kevinkredeum
> Kredeum : Decentralized NFTs Factory : Hello everyone, Kredeum is one of the grantees for that Alpha Round. You can support us via the link below, and don't forget to get your passport to match your donation with the quadratic funding! Have a grand 1st decentralized Gitcoin rounds everyone! https://grant-explorer.gitcoin.co/#/round/1/0xd95a1969c41112cee9a2c931e849bcef36a16f4c/0x89a0a4ae11c70d1fdb328d25d16c56c49949d679ae17c22b3858a4bfdf9712f7-0xd95a1969c41112cee9a2c931e849bcef36a16f4c
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