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> Piloting Prosperity Pools: Facilitating Cultural Climate Change in Solution Spaces grounded in Local Regen Places : 📼 Here is the video highlight from Tyler's share at the SEEDS Regenerative Roundtable. 🌱🌺 https://grain.com/share/highlight/C2I0yBq1GOPuviCk34xQtaS07cmxQbPGJcKiEmnh
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Tyler sharing at SEEDS Regenerative Roundtable 🌱💚 (9m 32s)

Yeah. So lots of familiar faces. This is nice. It feels very cozy. It's cool. You know, a lot of us have been here together for a year plus just kind of continuing to learn together and grow this eco… https://grain.com/share/highlight/C2I0yBq1GOPuviCk34xQtaS07cmxQbPGJcKiEmnh