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1 month, 2 weeks ago
SFK @sfkhalil
> Virtual real estate based NFT gaming metaverse. : We are building NFT metaverse of virtual real estate staring from Oxford Street London. There are only going to be fix total supply of unique 999,999 virtual NFTs offered as virtual plots in the metaverse. 1. In the first release we are offering users 100 NFTs in important locations of Oxford Street, London. You can book these plots by sending BNB or ETH on our smart contract address (to be deployed on mainnet soon) and in return book your BEP1155 NFT virtual plot in the metaverse. 2. In the next version we will be building the metaverse on these plots. 3. In the third version a complete meterverse experience is going to be offered where users can do the same activities what they can do in the real world real estate, Some of the activities include trade your real estate in the marketplace for higher valuation, construct the building on your plot as it exists in the real world or offer it to advertisers get rental income.
1 month, 2 weeks ago