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Ncookie @ncookiez
> WeaverFi: The Open-Source DeFi Portfolio Tracker : Quick WeaverFi update to wrap up August: The app's development continues, following great feedback from our cloud alpha launch (if you missed it, join our Discord! https://discord.com/invite/DzADcq7y75). The API is closer to launch than ever, with us developing some of the final pieces needed for its deployment in the latest ETHToronto hackathon. Hoping for a Q4 2022 launch of the API and the app's open beta. 🤞 In the meantime, if you believe our open-source SDK doesn't cover one of your favorite chains or dapps, why not add support for it yourself? Comprehensive documentation is provided on our repository, as well as a healthy amount of support on our Discord server if you ever need any help! Until next time! - Ncookie
3 months ago

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Ncookie @ncookiez
> WeaverFi: The Open-Source DeFi Portfolio Tracker : Hey all! Our new landing page is now live at https://weaver.fi, showing off everything you can expect from the app once its fully live. The SDK has progressed nicely, and we're moving towards a closed alpha launch of the app this month. Thank you all for the support thus far!
4 months, 3 weeks ago


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