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خیلی خلی کار آمد می باشد👍 #announce
2 weeks ago
Our social crypto lottery experiment is taking off! Already +150$ staked. If you are able to stay the highest bidder for 24h, you can claim the whole pot. For now, no-one was able to because there was always someone there to outbid the other -> https://tezitall.org I'm really curious about how this will play out. Up to now it was a small sum really, but now it's getting serious. #announce
1 month ago
Friendly reminder that this hackathon is ending at 23:59 UTC. Make sure you know what time that is in your local time zone and get your submission in on time. Remember when you are submitting your project you need to select "Submit Work". Feel free to connect with us via discord if you have any questions. Best of luck and happy hacking!
1 month ago
1 month ago