The Burner Wallet, Kudos, and Grant Matching, oh my!

Gitcoin was built in Colorado. It’s a big part of our culture and history, and we showed up ETHDenver in a big way to celebrate!

2019 has a lot of fantastic events lined up — and they all have to live up to high expectations set this weekend at ETHDenver. Set in the Sports Castle, 1,500 participants (including 750 hackers) shuttled into 6 floors including three hacking floors, a chill room, a Maker Space, and lots of interesting conversations about Ethereum and the future of the internet.

We won’t be able to cover everything in this article, but did want to cover the fun experiments we had at the event!

The BuffiDai Wallet: Buying Food With Crypto

Austin Griffith, Director of Research at Gitcoin, unveiled the Burner Wallet earlier this year as a quick and easy onboarding to crypto payments, built using MakerDAO’s DAI and POA Network’s sidechain, xDai.

At ETHDenver, the Burner Wallet rebranded as the BuffiDai Wallet and was used across ETHDenver to buy meals at the several great food trucks at the venue. Here’s a view of the wallet in use, from the lens of the wallet itself. 🤯

As it was used by each person at the event, it naturally was something folks thought about for hacks and happy hours. A particularly interesting project created a Burner Wallet for private transactions — while the MakerDAO Dappy Hour used the wallet to pay for beer at the event, while a monitor updated with the latest and greatest stats on purchases for the night.

A highlight of the weekend and, arguably, the year, for crypto is the Burner Wallet. UX improvements are not coming — they are here.

The ETHDenver Kudos Game!

The ETHDenver Kudos Art Piece

The ETHDenver Kudos game was simple: visit all 20 sponsors over the course of the weekend, and collect NFT’s representing your participation along the way. The participants who got all 20 Kudos received a special Bufficorn Kudos, and got to know a lot of great projects along the way. We were lucky to meet many great people throughout the weekend who came over to collect their Gitcoin specific Kudos.

Here’s what the stations where users earned Kudos looks like:

Here’s what the “game board” looks like after it’s been “completed” by adding Kudos:

This gamification of Kudos represents our next step towards a collaborative experience building Web 3. When you can send a piece of unique artwork to someone to commemorate a relationship, a collaboration, or a moment — we think the world is a slightly better place. That makes us happy.

If you want to celebrate a Web 3 relationship in your life, consider sending a Kudos. Thanks to everyone for playing this weekend, and congrats to the ETHDenver winners for their great projects and their Kudos Trophies!

CLR Matching Winners Announced

Prior to ETHDenver, we announced a two week matching period (2/1–2/15) for all active Gitcoin Grants. All contributions would be matched by a $25,000 pool of funds provided by the Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys Grants and anonymous Ethereum donors.

At the end of the two weeks, here were the results! Prysm, MolochDAO, and Uniswap were on top of the leaderboard when ETHDenver began.

However, while at ETHDenver, we announced the extension of CLR matching for 2 days, to allow people to contribute to Gitcoin Grants for a few more days while everyone was together over the weekend. We’re currently compiling the results and will provide the final match amounts by end of week. Regardless, we’re already excited about the progress and the potential of more CLR matching campaigns for future projects!

Open Source Conversations And Plinko

While Kudos, CLR matching, and the Burner Wallet were fun, we most enjoyed the conversations at our booth. This booth was actually…a large Plinko Board.

Around the booth, we spent a lot of time talking to people about the future of open source. We provided our own perspective, while also recording 20+ community members and int be asking community members questions about OSS, blockchain, and more throughout the event and packaging up the responses to share after.

Have an answer to: ‘Why does open source matter and how will blockchain will impact the future of OSS?’ We want to hear it!

The Bots Thank You 🤖

We loved hanging with everyone at ETHDenver, and we’re thankful to be part of such an open and vibrant community.

Times will change, and the Ethereum community has flaws — we can’t expect an amazing future unless we continue to strive towards better outcomes.

We’re completely open source, and we build Gitcoin…using Gitcoin. If you have an idea and build it, you can expect a prize for doing so 🤑

Regardless — we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in the future we’re building. We hope to meet you on the with us on the interwebs soon!

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source while changing the way we work.


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