Austin Griffith & Kevin Owocki announce Moonshot Collective at ethCC.

Ethereum Developers Kevin Owocki (Founder, Gitcoin) and Austin Griffith (Gitcoin DAO Steward) have announced the creation of the Moonshot Collective – a working group for GitcoinDAO focused on rapid prototyping of dApps.

The working group will aggregate the top builders, top tools, and top mechanisms in the space  — and provide funding — to create a working place for those launching the next applications in the ecosystem.

The workstream will shepherd projects through four steps:

  • Prototype
  • Market Validation
  • Growth
  • Decentralization

Not all projects will make it from prototype to market validation to growth.  By supporting an iterative project lifecycle of Hypothesis => Experimentation => Results => Learning, the group plans to iterate through experiments at the bleeding edge of the web3 space.  Moonshot collective will be accelerating the growth of these projects by providing tools, capital, and talent to builders growing their projects

Moonshot Collective was born out of GitcoinDAO, which has a long track record of success supporting important ecosystem projects.  Gitcoin Grants already has notable alumni such as Uniswap, Yearn, and  Gitcoin Kernel and Hackathons have produced 100s of projects – Gitcoin KERNEL alumni are:

  • Builders in every corner of the crypto world: DeFi, NFT’s, Security, Tokens, and Infrastructure.
  • Web 3 leaders at top crypto companies like Coinbase, ConsenSys, MakerDAO, Radicle, NEAR, Polkadot and the Ethereum Foundation.

By providing a space for the next tranche of top builders in the space to meet, build, and iterate on their tools – Moonshot Collective hopes to foster an inclusive and productive space for the next batch of the Ethereum builders.

To find out more about Moonshot Collective go to