Cypherpunk Speakeasy v0.0.2

A Custom ERC20 Token in the Burner Wallet on xDai

TL;DR The Burner Wallet can run on a token which gives you the ability to build in custom logic. Also, through user feedback, we have cleaned up the UX and the Burner is shaping up to be a useful ad-hoc POS system.

For version 2.4 of the 🔥Burner Wallet we deployed a custom ERC20 token to use as the native currency. This allows organizations, events, and meetups to create custom logic around how their currency should work. In this release, we’ve also added admin functionality to manage the addition of vendors and products directly through the UI of the Burner itself. Insanely low fees on xDai let us do all of this directly and on-chain. Vendors can now add their products directly into the menu system of the wallet and they can also offramp their tokens to fiat.

Another big improvement to the user onboarding flow was the introduction of paper wallets to seed the Burners. These came preloaded with $10.00 of BURN tokens and a little bit of xDai to use as gas. Distributing a token instead of xDai meant we only had to pay for the tokens that were spent and anything left over from the night lost its value. This allows event planners to integrate custom mechanics for how the tokens can be spent or used in order to incentivise the creation of pop-up economies and to encourage the support of local business.

The Burner is shaping up to be a powerful ad-hoc POS system. For this event we setup an iPad on the bar and it displayed real time transaction history to the bartender. Patrons scanned a QR code or purchased beers from the menu system of the wallet and five seconds later the bartender could see the transaction register as they handed over that sweet bubbly goodness.

Scanning in the private key from the paper wallet.

Tokens loaded into the Burner

The goal of these events is to get valuable user testing as we iterate on the UX. This time around nearly every single device was able to successfully scan the QR codes with the exception of an old QR reading app and a strange edge case with Brave on iOS. We would like to avoid using third party QR code scanners because some of them launch links in legacy browsers. To do this we will alter the instructions slightly to direct patrons to first, then they can scan their private key in with the native scanner.

We also got some interesting feedback on the “Send to Address” page. It seems like the UI was a bit overwhelming so we have simplified the flow and tried to direct the focus better. Although the paper wallet made onboarding extremely simple, we found that two different QR codes, a public and private key, was confusing to end users. In the next iteration we will remove the public key and replace it with a simple infographic that diagrams how to use the wallet.

🤣James Young was thoroughly impressed 🤣

Overall, the event was a huge success and about $130.00 worth of tokens were used to buy beer. The user flow was as simple as we could make it:

  • Participant receives paper wallet and scans in private key to seed a Burner Wallet (no wallet download, this brings a Burner up in the web browser of a mobile phone)
  • The Burner Wallet is used to scan a product’s QR code and the user presses “Purchase”
  • Five seconds later the transaction is displayed on the POS and the participate receive their beer

Here is another good writeup by Dylan Grabowski about the event and the experience around using the Burner Wallet to buy beers.

We look forward to future “Cypherpunk Speakeasy” events. Here is the upcoming schedule if you’d like to join us for a beer and help us work out the final kinks with the Burner:
* Jan 16th — Hard Fork Party @ Black Shirt Brewing — Denver, CO
* Jan 24th — Coal Creek Tap — Laramie, WY
* Jan 30th — Timnath Beerwerks — Timnath, CO

Follow me on Twitter for more updates on times and locations!

The precursor to this Cypherpunk Speakeasy was me rapping through all of my projects from 2018. Check it out here:

An overwhelming screenshot of the POS screen at the end of the night for posterity.