GitxChange: Rad Hacking with RadicalxChange

Aloha, Gitcoiners! How do you feel about Data Dignity, Quadratic Voting, Quadratic Finance and Decentralized Identity?

If any of these resonate with you or if these concepts just piqued your interest now, you’ve come to the right place at the right time: GitxChange – the hackathon to build the future you want to live in.

From May 27th – June 10th, RadicalxChange is hosting a virtual hackathon to explore the infinite ways in which positive hacktivism can reimagine the building blocks of democracy and global markets.

As a global movement that supports innovation and participation in changes that are reshaping our today & tomorrow, RadicalxChange will be joined in this hackathon by organisations with similar goals: Democracy Earth, Idena, Wildcards, Gitcoin, and Ocean Protocol.

If you’re brave at heart & mind (and we know you are 😉), sign up for the hackathon and get ready to join forces with innovators, activists, artists, and scholars that build startups and communities for a better common future. There are 12 bounties worth almost $13,000 total – what are you waiting for?

Even if you’re new to the blockchain world – register for the event if you’re trying to learn! We’ll host many workshops with sponsors throughout the 2 weeks. You’ll see workshops popping up on the Gitcoin Community Events calendar, and will receive calendar invites to these when you register. We’ll also be updating the onboarding page with the workshop schedule – we’re particularly excited for Ocean Protocol’s Compute-to-Data Technical Workshop on June 3rd! Finally, we’ll have some fun Gitcoin quests in this hack for you to get started learning, try out Ocean’s Compute to Data Quest.

And that’s not all! 

After 2 weeks of hacking and bounty earning, the best projects from GitxChange will be invited to present their creations on a virtual conference stage – the Annual RadicalxChange Conference (June 19th – 21st).

So get busy signing up for GitxChange, get familiar with the 6 projects sponsoring this hackathon’s bounties and join your favorite tribes!

Don’t forget – teams have a higher chance to finalize and win bounties, so gang up with your favorite coders, designers and doers. You can invite them over to the Gitcoin side (and earn up to 75 DAI 🤩) with our Beta referral program (full info in our Town Square).

Happy good-will hacking!


P.S. Never attended a hackathon before? Check out this easy-peasy guide for an overview of this event, along with info on how to join the action and compete for bounties. May the force be with you!