Announcing Grow Ethereum

Calling all Ethereum BUIDLers and open-source maintainers! Gitcoin is hosting its next virtual hackathon, Grow Ethereum, from June 29th through August 15th, and we can’t wait to see the decentralized world you will help build together.

What Does It Mean To Grow Ethereum?

This hackathon is all about growing Ethereum. 

Our sponsors will fund prizes which run the gamut — scaling Ethereum, improving its usability, or ideas for new world-changing dApps which can be built on their technology.

Every hackathon project will be a piece of the Ethereum ecosystem’s future, pushing the network forward and creating a platform for future developers to build on for years.

Building with Ethereum Leaders

We have an incredible lineup of sponsors who will help Grow Ethereum by funding prizes in ETH/ERC-20 for the most impactful projects. 

Hackers will have an opportunity to use powerful new technology provided by sponsors for their projects, and there will be prizes dedicated to improving them. Hackers can explore core infrastructure and scalability solutions like payment channels from Raiden, Aweave’s Permaweb, and permissionless distributed clouds from Fluence. Or they can focus on end users with AdEx’s decentralized ad network, simple and secure wallets like Portis and margin lending with bZx’s Fulcrum.

We are teaming up with the Ethereum Foundation find great ways for hackers to participate in Ethereum’s evolution, and the EF is also posting social impact-focused prizes on behalf of UNICEF. Our partner on this event, Metacartel, is working on user experience improvements like gas abstraction, and is also helping to fund community projects through its DAO.

Just like the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon and Beyond Blockchain before it, we are expecting tons of opportunities to solve real problems from live Github repos, win huge prizes, meet fellow Ethereum builders and organizations across borders, and have a ton of fun along the way 🙂

Sign Up Now

Register now and join the Discord to start pitching ideas and forming teams. Then, on July 29th, check out the landing page for the link to the prize explorer to get started.


~Gitcoin Team