Hiring with Gitcoin Just Got Better!

Advertise your open positions on your bounties

We’ve written in the past how legacy hiring is broken, and you can hire better, faster, and easier with Gitcoin because:

  • Gitcoin sources candidates for you
  • You both get to “try before you buy”

In the short time since our launch, we’ve seen 11 people find full time work in the space after doing Gitcoin bounties! (Well, 11 people that we know of — I’m sure the number is higher but we don’t have a great way of knowing.) We’re proud of our results, and are happy today to announce that hiring with Gitcoin has gotten better.

Advertise Your Job Description on Your Bounty

Beginning today, the new funder form will allow you to input a job description for a full time, part time, or contract role, on a bounty:

And after the bounty is posted, this information will also be available on the bounty details page:

You will also now be able to see via the Issue Explorer, which bounties have job descriptions on them:

We believe that knowing upfront whether a bounty funder is hiring will be extremely helpful for bounty hunters making an ROI calculation about whether they want to attempt the bounty or not.

If you have any feedback on this feature, or Gitcoin in general, please get in touch on our slack at https://gitcoin.co/slack.

Are you and open source project looking to hire? Or a developer looking for new opportunities? Check out the Issue Explorer below for bounties with full-time job offers or start chatting with the community on Slack!