Introducing Kudos

Use the Kudos NFT to send sincere compliments and show appreciation for your community!

Alisa arrives back at home, spent. It’s been another long day of growing open source — PR reviews, some UX product fixes, a couple new wireframes. It’s fun stuff, mostly.

As she’s ending the day, she opens up a Github issue she posted 2 days ago to help build out a new feature. It was a small piece of work, so she put 1 ETH on it (about $200) to see what the community would create.

As she opens up the issue on Github, she’s blown away. Anish, a developer based in Toronto, has created something truly great. It solves her issue, and then some.

To reward Anish for his work, she pays out the 1 ETH alongside a “Builder Of A Better World’ Kudos! The bounty and the Kudos both make their way to Anish’s MetaMask Wallet 20 seconds later.

Builder of a Better World

Anish receives the 1 ETH payment. He appreciates the promptness of the payment, and also the sincere compliment that he received from Alisa.

Our community has taught us that extrinsic rewards are great, but they aren’t the entire ‘why’ of working on open source. Anish is both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated. It’s really nice to work with people who appreciate us!

(What Is) Kudos?

Kudos is the easiest way to show appreciation and build relationships in open source. This is done simply — through sincere, unique compliments. We’re excited about creating space for all sorts of compliments to other Gitcoiners… via all sorts of Kudos.

See more kudos at

If you’d like to send a Kudos to anyone — it’s live, now! Click below to see.

Why Kudos?

Our relationships with our coworkers are one of the most important outcomes of our work. We spend our working lives with people who inspire us, teach us, and laugh with us as we go through life. (And we try to laugh a lot.)

Increasingly, we live life in the physical world… and the digital world.


Gitcoin is building a mesh network of jobs, and one effect of the work that we do is that we are unbundling work to be remote-first, and to create many new professional relationships quicker. We were looking for a way to match the extrinsic rewards associated with bounties with the intrinsic rewards associated with doing work that you value, that has impact, and celebrating it with coworkers and collaborators.

The Economics of Kudos

For the price of a postage stamp (about 45 cents), you can send a beautiful piece of artwork, backed by a non-fungible token (NFT) to a contributor. Each Kudos is limited edition, sovereign to the Ethereum blockchain, and has a beautiful custom piece of art that your collaborator can show off on their Gitcoin profile or any ERC 721 wallet.

We are launching today with 145 kudos on the kudos marketplace. But we’re not stopping there. We’re excited to incentivize people to create more liquidity in the Kudos marketplace by creating new, beautiful, artwork. Each artist who creates a Kudos and puts it on the marketplace will receive any ETH from those who purchase it, securely & directly on the blockchain. To create a new Kudos, click here.

Each Kudos has a ‘price’ associated with it, and when you purchase a Kudos from the Kudos Marketplace, the money is sent immediately to the author of the artwork.

Kauri Pioneer: 100 tokens, $0.62 each!

Each Kudos also has a limited production run. For example, an artist may create a Kudos with a production run of 1,000, a price point of 45 cents, and expect to net 1,000 * 0.45 = $450 when those Kudos sell out. We’re excited to see what you create, send, and receive!

How Do I Use Kudos?

You’ll notice a number of Kudos are already available on Gitcoin’s Kudos site. We’ve minted each of these specially for launch, and are excited to do so.

  1. Think of a developer you’ve worked with who you’d like to compliment
  2. Browse the Kudos Marketplace to find a Kudos which is right just for them
  3. Once you’ve chosen a Kudos, click ‘Send Kudos’ and type in their Github username to send it directly to your friend

Pay the gas fees and voilà! You’ve now sent a unique compliment on Ethereum’s blockchain to a friend which will last forever.

Kudos Tell Stories

Kudos represent stories, relationships, ideas, and ultimately, the collaborative human spirit. We’ll keep you in the loop as we continue the Kudos story with features like the below.

  1. Iterating on Gitcoin Kudos and intake any feedback you have — file an issue or join us on Slack to discuss improvements
  2. Launching OpenKudos — making it easy for any dApp to share kudos with their communities
  3. Testing Kudos Achievements — a reputation focused Kudos based upon the work done on your open source platform

Want to send a Kudos?

To send a Kudos to any Github user, check out the Kudos Marketplace!

Want to integrate Kudos into your dApp?

We encourage you to checkout Open Kudos to see our roadmap to integrate Kudos into Twitter, Slack, and many other dApps in the ecosystem.

If you’d like to get involved, please open an issue here at or email us at!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll share Kudos and stories with each other on Gitcoin. We are excited about the potential of Kudos to make the internet a slightly nicer, more welcoming place. Kudos to you for getting this far and supporting us on our journey 🙂

A big kudos to Jason Haas, Octavio Amuchástegui, Mark Beacom, Alisa March, and Kevin Owocki for their work making Kudos a reality. Rest assured, they received Kudos for these already!

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source while changing the way we work.