Meme Lords! Earn ETH, Win Prizes

It’s time to put your meme skills to good use! Do you want to win up to 3.0 ETH and a copy of the very limited edition Beacon Book? You’re in luck!

We’d love to invite you to a Meme contest in partnership with Stateful Works. We will be giving away a copy of their limited edition Beacon Book in addition to cold, hard crypto! A total of 7.5 ETH will be awarded to ten winners! Plus winners will get an amazing future opportunity to participate with Gitcoin.

If you’re interested in getting involved, check out the contest rules below, and let’s meme for the public good!


  1. Tweet your meme out to @Gitcoin + @StatefulWorks  
  2. Post your entry in the 🐸memes-channel on our Discord.
  3. The deadline for entries is: July 6th 23:59 UTC ⏳. 
  4. After the deadline has passed, the memes on Discord with the most thumbs up will be marked the winners. (only votes from accounts with a Discord role will count)
  5. Winners will need to get a Participation POAP in order to receive their prizes. (contact Fred.#5650 to get yours)
  6. Multiple entries by the same participant is allowed!


🥇 1st Place: 3.0 ETH and a limited edition copy of the Beacon Book by Stateful Works.

🥈 2-10th Place: 0.5 ETH.

Oh, but that’s not all

The ten winners will also be invited to join a squad to meme for the public good, giving you exclusive access to some of the top minds in the Ethereum ecosystem through a members only channel on Discord. 

The goal of this group will be to continue to help Gitcoin DAO create content around events and public digital goods. Over time, we expect this group will receive significant funding, swag and other perks for their work.

Some topics and ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

If you have any questions, please come find us in Discord, we’d love to talk to you!

See you in the quadratic lands!