Stop COVID-19

The Stop COVID-19 Hackathon with ConsenSys Health is now live. Check out the challenge on the prize explorer – the winner will take home $10,000, second place $7,000, and third place $3,000. Also, keep an eye out for additional bounties from other partnered sponsors to go up in the coming days.

We’re welcoming new project ideas and the 60 COVID Research and Response projects which participated in our Gitcoin Grants round to join us for this initiative. As you can imagine, it’s all hands on deck.

Register now and join 300+ hackers, mentors, entrepreneurs, and doers working on new and established COVID projects! 

How will this hackathon work?

Today, April 13th, the hackathon officially begins. This first week will be primarily for team formation and ideation. We want you to refine your plans, find others to work with, and pitch your projects to mentors before beginning to write code. To that end, we have these workshops planned for week 1:

  • 4/14 — 6 pm ET – Brainstorm / Team Formation #1
  • 4/15 — 10 am ET – Brainstorm / Team Formation #2
  • 4/16 — 12 pm ET – Unconference Style Webinar with COVID Mentors

You’re encouraged to join one or both team formation sessions if you can. Please post your project ideas and need for teammates in the hackathon Town Square either before, during, or after these calls! This is very important in order for mentors to see your ideas and other hackers to reach out if they want to collaborate.

When teams are established, please fill out this form by April 20th so mentors can review your idea and provide feedback. It is mandatory for you to fill out this form if you want any support and access to mentors throughout the rest of the hackathon.

After April 20th the hacking really begins, and we’ll continue with more workshops, webinars, and community calls throughout the next 3 weeks of development. Look out for future calendar invites and emails with more information.

As always, make sure you’ve joined and are checking Gitcoin Chat for access to the Gitcoin team, ConsenSys Health, and of course hackathon mentors. 

Livestream & Webinars

If you missed last Friday’s Gitcoin Livestream with the ConsenSys Health doctors and experts, you can view the full recording here. The informative discussion went over questions from the community about the COVID-19 pandemic, covered ideas for how technology can help the crisis, and also touched on the goals and mission of the hackathon. This was one of our favorite Livestreams and we highly recommend you take a look.

Additionally, we’ve also created a playlist of short clips and sound bytes from the discussion you can browse if you don’t have time for the full 90 minutes.

We also posted last week’s Developer Resources Overview webinar with ConsenSys Academy, 1 Million Developers, Infura and Kaleido. If you’re new to blockchain development or want new tips for the hackathon, take a look!

The hackathon will officially conclude on May 11th at 23:59 UTC. We can’t wait to see your projects help lead the effort in beating COVID-19!

~Connor & The Gitcoin Team

Join us for the hackathon here!


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