The Gitcoin Ambassador Program

Apply now to join our team and help grow open source

We’re proud to announce that today we are launching the Gitcoin Community Ambassador Program! The ambassador program is an initiative to grow community and invest in our contributors. Starting now, we’re accepting applications to join our team of passionate community builders. We have big plans for the ambassador team as we grow our project at the intersection of blockchain and open source. See the application below!

Our ambassadors will work closely with the Gitcoin core team on product, marketing, and community development.

Gitcoin Ambassadors will learn more about the development of Gitcoin and what it takes to build a successful blockchain product. Ambassadors will be the powerhouse behind our strong community. They’ll be hosting local events, talking with community members, and helping contributors get started on the platform. Our team will be the stewards of our ever-growing mesh network of human beings.

Of course, being a Gitcoin Ambassador comes with its perks. As part of the team, our ambassadors will get a strong supply of Gitcoin swag, valuable mentorship time with our core team, sponsorship for local meetups, and community moderation capabilities on Gitcoin. There’s also the possibility of grants to continue working with the Gitcoin team part time!

Gitcoin is aiming to become the most community friendly open source project on the web. As an ambassador, you’ll help us realize this goal; you’ll help us define what it means to be a Web 3.0 project.

We’re excited to grow this program for our vibrant, diverse community of developers and funders. If you’re excited to build the future of Open Source, apply here. We look forward to working with you!

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source while changing the way we work.