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Christopher Purta


Software Engineer at Kochava
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Jupyter Notebook Vue JavaScript Solidity Python Go Dockerfile Ruby CSS Rust Shell C++
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Jupyter Notebook Vue JavaScript Solidity Python Go Dockerfile Ruby CSS Rust Shell C++
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python: 3x other: 3x raiden: 2x solidity: 2x shell: 2x c: 2x javascript: 2x c++: 2x api: 2x raiden-network: 1x typescript: 1x html: 1x hcl: 1x parity: 1x paritytech: 1x rust: 1x go-ethereum: 1x ethereum: 1x go: 1x assembly: 1x scaling: 1x payment-channels: 1x payments: 1x ux: 1x ui: 1x ethereum-data: 1x freestyle: 1x cmake: 1x batchfile: 1x dockerfile: 1x
Increase geth's mining rate to >= 2 blocks/second for private chains

1 year, 4 months ago for ethereum

go-ethereum ethereum Go C JavaScript C++ Assembly Python Other
Provide homebrew tap for binary mac releases

9 months ago for raiden-network

raiden raiden-network Python TypeScript Solidity HTML Shell HCL Other
Auto-Generate JSON-RPC API docs

9 months ago for paritytech

parity paritytech Rust Other
Robot that posts CircleCI error messages as PR comments

9 months ago for ethereum

C++ Solidity Shell CMake Python Batchfile JavaScript C Dockerfile
Alethio API Freestyle

7 months ago for Alethio

api ethereum-data freestyle
Help us to enhance Raiden further

4 months, 1 week ago for raiden-network

raiden scaling payment-channels payments api ux ui
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