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About Gitcoin Core

Gitcoin Tribes takes hackathon sponsorship to the next level, with features for maintaining relationships / creating relationships in ways never before possible in a virtual context. It does this by helping paying Tribes (open source companies) with features to grow, maintain, and build relationships through value-add work with Gitcoin builders. 

Gitcoin Tribes opens a two-way broadcast channel for your project to ten of thousands of interested developer eyes.

Gitcoin Tribes opens a two-way broadcast for highly engaged hackers and funders to continue relationships and do high-leverage work, together.

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Eric Berry coderberry
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Members of the Gitcoin Core Tribe. What is a Tribe?

Kevin Owocki owocki
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Aditya Anand M C thelostone-mc
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Andrew Redden androolloyd
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Octavio Amuchástegui octavioamu
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