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Gitcoin Grants, powered by the EIP 1337 standard , are a fast, easy and secure way to provide recurring token contributions to your favorite OSS maintainers.

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Gitcoin Grants has facilitated the distribution of $283k to Open Source since it's launch in January 2019.
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DAOG - An open ended decentralized governance game

Abstract Gaming will drive adoption and onboarding in the blockchain space. Successful games will not copy web 2.0 games, but reinvent new mec...

Gitcoin Moderation Tools

Work on a moderation tool for, along with weekly work helping to complete the Issue Explorer Check In alongside th...

Devcon Scholars Program

Introductory Note Hey! My name is Robby Greenfield and I’m helping to organize this year’s Devcon Scholars Program. Our team is very excited t...

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Research Grant: Swarm Scraper for Verified Smart Contracts

When a smart contract is verified in Etherscan it is automatically added to Swarm, a platform designed to provide a suffi...

Vyper Smart Contract Language

The continuous funding of this grant will be aimed towards improvement and maintenance of the Vyper Smart Contract Language. Vyper is a python...

Cryptoeconomics Lab

Building a Plapps development framework called Plasma Chamber. It enables devs to easily create secure, scaling, and usable applications on to...

2019 May 23 - Did you know? - You can integrate Gitcoin into Github's new Sponsors Project. Here's how.