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Grow Open Source

ETH-based game(s)



of 200 DAI goal



Team member

I currently have various ideas for browser-games, like back in the good old days, but I simply do not have the time I need to implement those ideas. Background for this grant is that I do not make those games loot-box infested graveyards or one-off money shots. My philosophy is, that if a game is good, it can be won without paying a single satoshi, so think about ETH integration as something like unlockable hats in TF2, or short temporary boosts, or additionally chances to add characters to your rooster. Stuff that "enhances" a gaming experience, but not cripples non-paying playing characters. Ideas of games include, but not only consist of: - Tactics Orge / FF Tactics-esque grid based combat games with in-game PvP - Capture-and-training-esque games (think Digimon or Pokemon) - RPG-based games where ETH transactions give you an arbitory rank Those are only rough ideas, and only, if even avaiable, realized with 'developer-art', so the funds would go towards proper prettification, community building, and work-funding by itself. I wouldn't even exclude ideas like integreting MANA (travel the LANDs) or CryptoKitties (kind of like die KittiesBattle alpha), that'd be open to ideas. Grant-funders will also receive first-hand informations and status updates for various topics and projects. All in all you would support a creative mind that would like to share his mindset with the world, to make it a better place, one step at a time.
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